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The Niche Popularity

Amazon publishing allows authors to publish ebook and paperbacks on Amazon’s platform in order to reach millions of readers.

This is an extremely popular sub-niche of the making money online niche and a prime example of passive income. Self-published books give entrepreneurs a way to scale by writing books that can be sold over and over without direct time involvement.

Knowing the tips and tricks to get started can not only help boost revenue for any author but also helps establish credibility as a subject matter expert.

Guides on writing, book formatting, and promotion are all common searches.

The Niche Longevity

Books have been around for centuries and aren’t going anyway. In one shape or another, books will exist and authors will be needed to write those books. With Amazon the clear market leader, Amazon publishing will be in demand.

With new devices, ebook formats, and Amazon changes, information about publishing on Amazon will get a constant stream of searches.

This niche will not be fading away and is not just a fad that is popular for a few months.

This is a prime niche to build a site around to bring in new customers while retaining existing ones.

What’s Included

View the demo site.

You get everything needed to start a profitable website. You get:

  • Premium custom WordPress theme
  • All plugins set up and configured
  • On-site SEO and interlinking done for you
  • Keyword-rich articles written just for this blog
  • Easily configurable ad settings/Adsense configuration

Provide your own domain and hosting to get your new site up and running today!

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