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The Niche Popularity

CrossFit is a type of high-intensity interval training that uses functional movement, a hybrid of strength training and endurance conditioning.

It is a growing sub-niche of the health and fitness niche. A benefit to online marketers and entrepreneurs is that CrossFit isn’t a set plan to follow for weeks, but utilizes WODs, or workout of the day. It has built-in customer retention.

CrossFit has many options for marketers including publishing workouts, guides, and product reviews.

CrossFit equipment is not like typical gym equipment that primarily consists of heavy weight plates, but rather shoes, jump ropes, grips, and gloves which are easily shipped by Amazon.

The Niche Longevity

The health and fitness industry has existed for a century and CrossFit has established itself as a solid brand. With the addition of the CrossFit games, even non-athletes are watching videos and reading news about it.

With annual games and competitions, new workouts, and supplements, there is an endless supply of traffic that will not dry up overnight.

The niche is a powerful one that can take advantage of Amazon Affiliates, AdSense, and leads to local gyms, and even be a gateway to launching your own ecommerce store with your own products.

The health and fitness niche has always been a staple in the marketing community, and it has been for the simple reason that it’s profitable.

What’s Included

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