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The Niche Popularity

Public speaking a live speech to an audience. It has traditionally been considered part of the art of persuasion.

This is a classic niche in the sense that public speaking is widely considered a valuable skill while being listed as a common fear among humans.

With the problem of fear standing in the way of this valuable skill, people are very interested in learning how to overcome their fear and learn tips to improve their speaking skills and are typically willing to spend money to solve that problem.

Tips and guides on giving speeches and improving speaking skills are very common searches.

The Niche Longevity

Public speaking has been around for centuries and will continue to exist.

Public speaking has become even more popular with seminars such as Ted Talks gaining in popularity.

Public speaking techniques always translate well into YouTube videos and webinars, which greatly expands your target market.

This is one of the greatest niches to build a site around.

What’s Included

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